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    Adult Protective Underpads

    Adult protective underpad,top sheet-non-woven fiber,absorbent layer-tissue,fluff pulp and super absorbent polymer,back sheet-polyethylene sheet.

    3-D leak prevention, don't have to worry about leaks.

    Capable of absorbing urine and other liquid for many times, so as to keep pad surface dry and comfortable

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  • Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads

    Disposable incontinence bed pad for infants, pregnant women and the elderly etc.

    For the emergence of incontinence pad, for our life has brought a lot of convenience.

    This kind of incontinence pad is comfortable, suoper soft and instantly absorbed. It is the best choice for many babies,It is also suitable for many special groups.

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    Disposable Breathable Baby Underpad

    Disposable breathable baby underpad.Soft and quickly sbsorbed breathable and leak-proof.Natural and mild without additives,full security for the baby buttock.

    Delicate soft non-woven top sheet.Rhombic grid.rapid diversion,non-reverse osmosis,not easy to get fuzzed,better to use;five-layer structure,instant dry.

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  • Waterproof Underpads For Adults

    Waterproof underpads for adults.Applicable to postpartum mothers,how to turn over are not afraid.Multifunctional nursing pad to care for different groups of people.

    Suitable crowd:as a septum pad,pregnant women to wait for prenatal anti-broken amniotic fluid pad,menstrual women pad,patients after the bed beduse.

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  • Incontinence Nursing Underpad

    Incontinence nursing underpad

    Absorption of more long-term care,more worry free;feel comfortable when dry;high quality soft surface,dry and comfortable for a long time;the polymer will absorb the water tightly,never back seep.

    Multipurpose:Protection of clean body fluid after operation;Protection of clean excrete of the weak incontinence personnel;Hygiene and protection of women before and after childbirth;Protection of neonatal clean excreta.

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  • Adult Incontinence Nursing Pads

    Adult incontinence nursing Pads super soft breathable.

    Our quality control:Before the nursing pad order can be confirmed finally,we would strictly check the material ,color ,dimension of the sample step by step;We salesman ,also as a order follower,would trace every phase of production from the beginning;We have a QC team ,every product would be checked by them before packed;We would try our best to help clients solve problems when they occurred.

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