About Us

Longyan Jinruite Household Products Co., Ltd.

Jinruite Household Products Co. , Ltd. is a Strong Professional Enterprise in Product Research, Development, Manufacturing and Sales of Hygiene Products and Household Paper Products. Its Main Business Are As Below: Sanitary Napkins / Baby Diapers / Diapers / Maternity Sanitary Napkin / Adult Diapers / Mattresses and Other Products. Jinruite Invested Heavily in Introducing Advanced Equipment, Top-notch Technology and High Quality Raw Materials to Ensure the Product‘s Quality. Untill Now, Jinruite Possessed a Strong Brand Awareness with Cross-regional Multi-provincial Offline Sales Channels, Due to Its Strong Financial Strength, High-speed Development of New Products, Rich Items, and Its Own Factory Strong Manufacturing Capacity. Jinruite Regards E-commerce As a Very Important Market, Has Already Distributed a Professional Team to Carry out Operational Guidance. So Far, Jinruite Has a Lot Self-developed Products As Following: Sanitary Napkins, Pads, Diapers, Maternity Towel Series, Underpad Series, Etc. Which Are Favored by Domestic Customers and Overseas.

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