Women's Day is a powerful call to action: menstruation is not hidden, put sanitary napkins on the table


CNR Beijing March 3 news on March 8 International Women's Day approaching, women related topics once again become the focus. Recently, an emergency mutual aid box for women's menstrual needs quietly entered hundreds of colleges and universities across the country, and then triggered a heated discussion on the topic of menstruation on the Internet.

Release women's strength and support menstruation with action.

In fact, putting sanitary napkins on the table not only further unsealed the hidden actions of taking, putting and passing sanitary napkins in the past because of menstrual shame, but also aroused the in-depth discussion of "putting menstruation on the table".

In real life, to realize "menstruation is not hidden", the first is that women during menstruation and their menstrual needs can be respected and seen. For example, in campus and society, promote the long-term implementation of sanitary napkin mutual aid boxes to solve the most basic emergency needs of women during menstruation, so as to provide practical protection for women's menstrual needs. In this regard, libresse Weil has been acting. In the past, libresse Weil has helped the "menstrual mutual aid box" settle in nearly 100 colleges and universities to support menstruation with practical actions.

From a higher and longer-term social perspective, promoting menstruation is not only to strive for women's menstrual rights and interests, but also to support women's right to express self-confidence every time. I hope that with the gentle exploration of putting sanitary napkins on the table, the brand and spokesperson will be released to the society, so that menstruation will not be hidden and become the answer for more people.

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