Who invented the first sanitary napkin in the world?


Sanitary napkins were invented by nurses in France. During the first world war, the French nurse observed on the wound for fiber material is better than cloth can absorb the menstrual blood, "the invention of the cotton fiber" is used in the disposable bandages and related products, the nurses get inspiration and reference to the method of making disposable bandage, cheese or package of cotton cloth to make "disposable sanitary napkin", modern sanitary napkin was born.

sanitary pad

As a female life necessities, there has long been a product prototype similar to the use of sanitary napkins. In the 15th century BC, Egyptian women used soft papyrus for their periods. Ancient Chinese women used long white towels to cope with menstruation and washed them with water and alum after each change, while ancient Romans used wool. Other materials similar to "sanitary pads" include paper (Japan), plant fibers (Indonesia), sponges and grass (central Africa).

In the early 1920s, Kimberly Clark introduced the Kotex brand of sanitary pads, named after a combination of "cotton" (the "C" in "cotton" was changed to "K") and "texture" (texture).

According to the material, sanitary napkins on the market are mainly divided into three types: dry mesh surface sanitary napkins, cotton soft sanitary napkins and pure cotton sanitary napkins. 1. Dry mesh sanitary napkin refers to the sanitary napkin made of various perforated membrane as raw material on the surface layer of sanitary napkin. Its main material is polyethylene, commonly known as PE film. 2. Cotton soft sanitary napkin refers to the sanitary napkin whose surface layer is made of various non-woven materials, the main material of which is polypropylene, commonly known as PP. 3. Pure cotton sanitary napkin refers to the sanitary napkin whose surface layer is made of pure cotton material, and its main material is pure cotton non-woven cloth.

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